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GathererDB is a database of node locations based off the publically available Wowhead node locations. The data supplied here is exactly the same as the data that you would find if you were to go to Wowhead and do a search.


Disclaimer and rationale

Should Blizzard ever take offence to Wowhead supplying this data, we will be most pleased to also remove our copies of this data. However being that the data is already publically and readily available online, we feel that the use of such data does not constitute an unfair advantage to anybody utilizing this data from within the game. We will of course comply with any directive received from an official Blizzard source, as we have done in the past when such issues arise.


The GathererDB AddOn is available from our GathererDB at WoWInterface page, and is installed using the same process that you would use to install any other addon (See: Installing).


The import procedure is simple and painless. Once you have installed the AddOn and have reloaded the game, ensuring that both Gatherer and GathererDB_Wowhead are activated. (See Enabling) When you finally log into the game, follow this procedure to import the new data into Gatherer:

  • Open Gatherer's configuration dialog.
  • Click on the red "Database" tab on the left-hand side of the dialog.
  • Click the import button in the main panel.

Once the data is importing, an onscreen progress box will appear, letting you know how far through the process you are. Importing will go faster if you disable the minimap updates (by clicking the minimap or sidebar button) while importing and reenable it afterwards.


For the time being, you should keep the GathererDB installed, as it supports many additional nodes that Gatherer was never designed to support. The GathererDB helps Gatherer by filling in the node name and type for all of the additional nodes within Gatherer's variables.

Alternatively, you can disable or delete the GathererDB folder in within the AddOns directory and remove all the Unknown nodes from Gatherer's Report or you Gatherer will error whenever running into one of these "odd" node types.

Should you, for some reason, wish to delete all WowheadDB nodes after importing them, the following command, typed into your chat box, should acocmplish it for you:

/run Gatherer.Config.LastIgnoredPlayer="DB:Wowhead" StaticPopup_Show("GATHERER_REMOVE_BLACKLISTED_NODES")
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