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Popular Tools for Editing Code and Tutorials

Much of the following is from our friends at WoW Wiki be sure to visit them for a plethora of great World of Warcraft-centric information. The plan is to expand upon the information as time becomes available.


  • Lua Wiki - - Wiki for Lua -- useful for more in depth descriptions of Lua syntax, etc.

Lua Editors

There are numerous Lua editors available, for an extensive list, visit Lua-Users Wiki.

Lua editors that run on the MS Windows OS

Note that many of the following will run on other OSes, too

  • Notepad++ - - full Lua support and much, much more. This is an editor not to be missed. Support for 47 languages built in and the option for user definition.
  • Warcraft AddOn Studio - free version of Visual Studio tailored for creating World of Warcraft mods, with Lua syntax highlighting, TOC generation, a FrameXML editor, IntelliSense, and other features
  • Lua Eclipse - - Eclipse is a highly advanced and extensible editor and development tool. Though it mostly shines for Java development, there are several plug-ins for other languages. Lua Eclipse is such a plug-in. Unfortunately, work seems to have stopped on that plug-in and it is far from finished. It still works well with current versions of Eclipse (Oct 2006), but it mostly gives you syntax check and highlighting.
  • BLua - - This is an editor being developed exclusively for Blizzard's flavor of Lua, and when complete hopes to THE complete IDE for Blizzard Lua, however, development on this project stalled in 2005.
  • EditPlus - - Fairly decent editor w/ most of the options you'll need while scripting in Lua, there is a plug-in for Lua syntax here. This is a trialware program -- eventually you will have to pay.
  • TextPad - Basic editor, evaluation of fully functional version is free but this is not freeware.

Though some of the above may provide Mac/OSX support, these definitely run:

  • Text Wrangler from Bare Bones Software is freeware and provides an extensive feature set- all for the right price! From the makers of BBEdit and BBEdit Lite.

XML Editors

  • XMLSpy - - This is probably the best XML editor out there, and there is a free version available. Unfortunately many of the things that make it so great are not present in the free version. There is a 30 day trial of the good version.
  • XMLMarker - - Completely free and pretty decent tree based XML Editor -- probably the best of no-cost editors out there.


  • WoWWiki "HOWTOs" - WoWWiki has a number of write ups describing how to accomplish specific tasks; some basic, some advanced.
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