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SearchUI Basics

SearchUI is one of the primary parts of the Auctioneer Suite. It is a module designed to help find bargains within the current Auction House snapshot. The RealTimeSearch subsection provides an easy way to do the same on the "live" Auction House.

Entire SearchUI window, showing the results of a Disenchant Search

When at the "Browse" frame, you will see a row of buttons on the top of the Auction House frame. You should see the Auctioneer scan control buttons, a stop button, a play button, and a pause button. To the right of those three buttons, there is a small box with an embossed magnifying glass symbol, this is the SearchUI/RealTimeSearch button.

The top of the Browse Frame, showing the SearchUI / RealTimeSearch "Magnifying Glass" icon.

Right-click the magnifying glass icon and you will open up the SearchUI and RealTimeSearch options pages. On the left side of the window you will see the names of the different searchers; most are fairly self explanatory.

  • Arbitrage is for those of you that like to do cross faction selling- if you have characters on another Realm, you can compare auctions against another faction's prices.
  • General is when you want to look up that certain item but just cant remember the entire name of it, put what you know in here and do a general search.
  • Prospect is for those Jewel Crafters that want to make a bit of money by finding those rare gems inside of the ore.
  • Disenchant is for the enchanters out there that like to stock up on those oh so needed materials.

Searching the Current Snapshot

In short, to search the current snapshot, select the Searcher of your choice, set the minimum profit, and set the minimum discount to what you think is a good place. You might want to leave the default settings as they are for the time being; until you get the hang of what you are doing.

  • Ensure that you scan the auction house just prior to searching as the SearchUI uses the most recent “snapshot” of the auction house to find deals.
  • Select a Searcher from the list on the left.
  • Set the various options of the Searcher in the top frame.
  • Press the "Search" button in the lower left corner of the SearchUI window.
    • The list of items that match the confines of the Searcher will populate the manifest window.
  • Now that the list is populated, you can either click on the "Purchase" button to buy or bid on the item, depending upon what is displayed in the "Reason" column.
    • This is automatic- it will bid if the recommendation is bid or will buy if that is the recommendation.
  • Should you decide to pick an item from the manifest frame that is not the "First" item; simply left-click the item.
  • Once selected, you can then decide whether to click the "Bid" or "Buy" button.
  • A confirmation box will then be displayed asking for your approval to purchase that item.
    • During that confirmation process, you can either keep the "Reason" as automatically generated or you can enter any reason you like.
  • You will then notice some processing and a message will be generated in the Chat frame.
    • The message displayed in the chat frame will tell you the result of the request; whether the software was able to bid, buy, or if the item was unavailable.

Running RealTimeSearch

If you are looking for the functionality of BottomScanner, look to the left column, and select RealTimeSearch.

Showing the RTS options open.

In this section of the options, you select those Searchers that you would like to use while using RealTimeSearch. There are other options, as well, such as those to automatically reload the last and, or, first page of the Auction House and more.

Once you have selected the options of your choice, return to the "Browse" frame of the Auction House and left-click on the magnifying glass icon. That magnifying glass icon is the switch used to activate and deactivate the RealTimeSearch, and clicking it will allow you to run the RealTimeSearch while you manually search the Auction House.

Once again if it finds a good deal it will add it to the list we looked at earlier; the reason column will reflect the name of the Searcher that added an item to the list. i.e. If it was for resale it will say {item} bid/buyout for :resale.

You are now on your way to making all the gold you will ever need.


If you think that an auction should have been picked up by SearchUI, but wasn't, SearchUI has a simple debug feature.

Simply choose the searcher you want debug info for, and then find the auction in the Auction House browse window. A debug line will appear in the tooltip for the auction, telling you a reason why it didn't match the searcher's requirements.

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