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Batch Posting is simply that, once set per item, when you return to the Auction House, you can quickly and easily post appropriately priced items, in a "batch".

Basic Functions

When on the "Appraiser" Frame, at the Auction House, you simply select an item. After doing so, the center pane displays the current competition for that item and in the top of the center pane, you can set stack size, the number of stacks, whether to use matching or not, and whether to allow an item to be Batch Posted.

Once you have some items marked, to allow Batch Posting of the item, you can then use the simple key combinations as follows.

  • Alt+Left-Click the "Batch Post" Button - Refresh the pricing of all items marked as Batch Postable.
  • Shift+Left-Click the "Batch Post" Button - List Posting, does not post any items but prints the exact pricing that will be used on the Auction House in an easily readable format in the "chat window". This allows a user to verify their settings and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Control+Shift+Alt+Left-Click the "Batch Post" Button - Post all items that have the "Allow Batch Posting" checkbox selected on the Auction House.

A Quick Word

Batch Posting is a very useful, much requested feature and we are happy to provide such functionality.

Please be sure to read over the "List Posting" or dry run; should someone post an item for a few copper that is worth a few gold, we are unable to retrieve your item or your money. We also include the need to depress the modifier keys in various combinations to protect the unsuspecting from accidental posting.

As with the rest of Auctioneer, we strive to provide a high-quality product that is as easy to use as possible but we cannot prevent folks from not paying attention. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, please feel free to post on our forums or join us in our IRC channel, linked from the menu of the primary Auctioneer Site.

Happy Auctioneering!

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