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The AskPrice AddOn is an addition to Auctioneer, originally written by Mikezter, it was integrated into Auctioneer (with permission) by MentalPower in Auctioneer v3.4.0.

Sick of getting whispers from friends and guild mates asking what the current price of [Awesome Item of Power] is? If so, then AskPrice is designed for you.

AskPrice is an automatic chat responder. It sits around waiting for someone to send you a message asking for an item's price, and when it finds one, it will automatically respond to them with the Auctioneer price details you have scanned with Auctioneer.

Please note that in AucAdvanced, AskPrice cooperates with everyone else in the channel the request came from to arrange for only one joint response. So even if you don't respond, there's no need to worry unless the person making the request indicates that he didn't get a whisper.

Using AskPrice

AskPrice requires that Auctioneer be installed, and is only useful once you have built up a history of scanned prices that you wish to share.

When AskPrice is enabled, it is defaulted to respond to whispered queries. It looks for whispers that:

  • Begin with a specific trigger key ("?" is the default trigger) or two user chosen trigger words ie "How" "Much"
  • Continues with one or more pairs of
    • An optional stack size
    • An [ItemLink]

For example, the whisper ?5[ItemLink] contains the trigger key symbol (?), a quantity (5), and an [ItemLink], so AskPrice will automatically respond with the price information for a stack of 5 x [ItemLink], according to your Auctioneer data.

Note that the quantity is optional - if omitted (e.g. ?[ItemLink]), a stack size of 1 is assumed.

Now that you know how the formatting works, you just need to train your guild to use them, and you are in business! Alternately, you can turn on the experimental SmartWords feature, as described below in Slash commands.


The following options are available for the AskPrice module:

Askprice options.jpg

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